Georgina makes an emotional exit from Big Brother

big brother
(Image credit: © Channel 5)

Big Brother waved goodbye to yet another resident as Georgina Leigh Cantwell became the third housemate to be evicted

Georgina Leigh Cantwell burst into tears upon hearing that she had been evicted from the Big Brother house, pulling her emotional beau Jackson into a tight embrace before declaring her love for him.

Once reunited with the outside world and in the interview seat opposite host Emma Willis, Georgina admitted she had genuine feelings for Jackson but her insecurities had got the better of her as she’d never been with a partner as affectionate as him.

Despite their cultural differences – which appeared to drive a wedge between the pair in the house – Georgina confessed she was sure Jackson was the right guy for her and would be waiting for him when he made his exit.

While Georgina’s time in the Big Brother house may have run its course, the remaining housemates are in for the surprise of their life as the house will be opening its doors some to new guests. These won’t be any old visitors though, mind you, they’ll all be faces familiar to the unsuspecting residents…

Big Brother continues on Channel 5, Saturday, July 2, 10.00pm.


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