Coronation Street Toyah’s marriage disaster throws her into Spider's arms?

Coronation Street Toyah
Toyah's marriage will end in heartbreak. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street's Toyah and Imran Imran tie the knot this week, but it seems their marriage is doomed.

We'll soon see Imran tempted by dirty tricks again in the battle for custody of baby Alfie.

But will his actions be the final nail in the coffin for the newlyweds, who only recently reunited and promised there would be no more lies between them?

To add to the drama, we now know that Toyah’s first love Spider Nugent is waiting in the wings, following the news that actor Martin Hancock is returning to the Street later this year.

So, as it all turns sour with Imran, will Toyah find comfort with her old boyfriend?

Coronation Street Imran and Toyah wedding

Til death – or something else terrible – do us part. (Image credit: ITV)


One thing’s for sure, the time is ticking on Toyah and Imran as a couple.

The news that Charlie de Melo aka Imran is leaving the show in the coming months, means there will be no happy ever after for the new Mr and Mrs Habeeb.

In fact, Charlie himself has hinted strongly that this week’s drama ­could mark the beginning of the end.

Imran’s investigator Ben is tailing Abi. He photographs her giving druggie pal Dean money to stay away from the Street, as she wants rid of him so he can't cause any trouble.

But, of course, the pics of Abi handing money to a known drug user could look like something else entirely! And Imran considers using them as false evidence in court.

"Ben has been tailing Abi for Imran to prove she is taking drugs,” Charlie explains. “When Dean approaches Abi to get some drugs she pays him off to stay away."

"Ben has photos of this and shows them to Imran, he knows what the pictures really show but he is prepared to lie in court for Imran," he continues.

"This could be the moment that Imran crosses a line and if Toyah were ever to know then it might be the end for them. I'd like to think he wouldn't do it – but he is desperate and selfish," Charlie says.

Toyah’s saviour

Coronation Street Martin Hancock

(Image credit: ITV)

As Imran wrestles with his decision, Corrie viewers know exactly who they want to mend Toyah’s broken heart in the coming months.

With Spider coming back to the Street, the timing seems perfect for a romantic reunion.

“I love spider,” says one. “I hope he gets back together with Toyah,” while another agreed. “Toyah should never have binned Spider.”

Coronation Street tweet

(Image credit: Twitter)

Coronation Street tweet

(Image credit: Twitter)

Coronation Street tweet

(Image credit: Twitter)

One thing’s for sure – whatever happens there is big drama ahead!

But will Toyah finally get her happy ending?

Coronation Street screens Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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