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Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse receive death threats

Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse, the winning act of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, have been targeted by Internet trolls threatening to kill threatened to the canine performer.

After winning the ITV talent show last weekend, the act's victory was tainted by controversy when it was revealed that Jules’ other dog, Chase, performed the main stunt – which saw the canine walk across a tightrope – in the winning performance. Jules won £250,000 and the opportunity to perform at this year’s Royal Variety Performance.

Since then, TV regulator Ofcom has received 1000 complaints and  a number of Twitter users have left vile messages and death threats for Jules. Now, the professional dog trainer fears for her dogs’ safety.

"The reaction is upsetting but my only worry is my dogs' welfare and safety. I've always been worried about them,” she says. "I never leave them unattended. I don't trust anybody. I'm pretty strict as it is. I'm a bit over the top.

"They're my babies and if anything happened I'd be distraught, as would my daughter. They're her little teddy bears. They're our family pets."