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Alice uncovers Curtis's secret

Alice uncovers Curtis's secret
Alice uncovers Curtis's secret (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty star Sam Grey, who plays Alice Chantrey, updates us on her alter ego's love life... Why did it take so long for Alice and Curtis to get together? "It's been a bit of a slow burn for Alice and Curtis. They've been tiptoeing around each other for a while because they both have their own issues - Alice is a nervous character and very shy, while Curtis has a past, which he tries to keep back. Although they find it difficult to communicate they get on well and hit it off in the quirkiest way possible." What makes Alice so nervous? "She's very naive, quite like a little girl in many ways. She's never had a proper relationship and is still a virgin. Curtis knows all this about her and is very careful with her as a result." And what's lurking in Curtis's past? "Curtis is a reformed bad boy. He's from the Farmead estate and when he was younger he and his brother, Luke, got into a bit of trouble with Holby's resident criminal Tony. Tony stabbed Luke and Curtis found him in the stairwell. He knew it could have just as easily been him who was killed and now he's trying to leave his past behind him and be a better person." So where did it all go wrong for Curtis and Alice? "Out of the blue, Curtis told Alice he wasn't interested. She just can't understand why and is totally dumbstruck basically. She keeps really trying to be friends with him - more than I would! - and he keeps rejecting her." When does Alice realise there's more to their break-up than meets the eye? "Tess reveals she heard a nasty phone message about Alice that Curtis left for Tony. Alice then realises that Curtis had a definite reason for breaking up with her - he's trying to protect her from Tony." What does she do with this new information? "Realising that Curtis' reasons for breaking up with her are all centred around Tony and the murder of his brother, she goes to Luke's graveyard to get a sense of it all. There she sends Curtis a heartfelt text, only to hear his ring tone to go off close by. She calls out to him but he doesn't reveal himself." So what's next for the star-crossed lovers? "Even though Alice is this shy, quiet and unconfident girl she's going to persevere with Curtis. She's totally in love with him and now, armed with Tess's revelation and the fact that he was at the graveyard, she's going to try and break the boundaries down between them." Get exclusive access to your favourite stars. Subscribe to TV Times magazine (opens in new tab)

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