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Charlie and Duffy's honeymoon is OVER in Casualty!

Casualty in pictures, duffy
<em>David&#39;s on Duffy&#39;s case before she&#39;s even unpacked her case. Is it too soon to plan a second honeymoon?</em> (Image credit: BBC)

A delayed flight means Casualty favourites Charlie and Duffy end up going straight to the ED after their honeymoon, where they’re greeted by CHAOS. Will they survive the shift?

It’s natural to get the post-holiday blues when you’ve been away. But imagine coming straight into work after your honeymoon?

This Saturday, Casualty newlyweds Charlie and Duffy are left fighting to keep their honeymoon glows when they get a cold reception from their ED colleagues…

Duffy and Charlie (Cathy Shipton and Derek Thompson) find a warm welcome in short supply when they come straight from the airport after their flight was delayed, to start their Saturday night shift.

Casualty in pictures

Casualty's Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin and Charlie Fairhead (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)


David, at least is happy to see them, and rushes to share the news of #Chuffy's return with Robyn. But why is he so desperate for Robyn to talk to Charlie and Duffy?

Casualty in pictures

Casualty's Amanda Henderson and Jason Durr as nurses Robyn and David. (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)


Charlie finds it hard to stay in the holiday mood, as the ED fills with drunks and party animals...

Casualty in pictures

Hats entertainment! Derek Thompson plays glum newlywed Charlie Fairhead (Image credit: BBC)


A quick boogie with Mrs Charlie Fairhead soon cheers him up. But, seriously, why is David so keen to catch up with Charlie and Duffy?

Casualty in pictures

David puts his best foot forward with Charlie and Duffy. But why? (Image credit: BBC)


Duffy looks a bit dazed and confused when David asks her for a favour...

Casualty in pictures

David's on Duffy's case before she's even unpacked her case. Is it too soon to plan a second honeymoon? (Image credit: BBC)

There's barely time to get changed as the ED fills up with a drunken stag and hen party. Yes, that's Robin Hood and a man in a mankini!

Casualty in pictures

Sasha Baron Cohen has a lot to answer for... (Image credit: BBC)

There's more surprises in store, as Duffy tries to help heal a rift between a bride-to-be Daisy and bridesmaid Karla (EastEnders' stars Lauren Crace and Noeleen Comiskey). Casualty fact: Lauren is married to Michael Stevenson, AKA paramedic Iain Dean, in real life

Casualty in pictures

After a hectic party, the hens come home to roost in Holby ED (Image credit: BBC)


Thankfully it looks like Chuffy survive their first night back in Holby. And pregnant Robyn is delighted to have their support.

Casualty in pictures

Robyn, Duffy and Charlie are in need of a cuppa after a challenging night (Image credit: BBC)


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