Casualty's Mitch Hewer: 'It's a tough choice for Mickey – Jez or his family!'

Scott dead in Casualty? mitch hewer
Jez and Mickey are in shock after Scott's fall (Image credit: BBC/Adrian Heap)

Mitch Hewer talks about Scott Ellisson’s fall in Casualty and the implications for his character, Mickey, and Jez...


Tonight’s Casualty saw homophobic racist Scott Ellisson violently plummet over a balcony in Holby ED. It remains to be seen whether Scott will live or die, but his brother, Mickey, will have to live with the repercussions for a long time.

Mitch Hewer (opens in new tab), who plays Mickey Ellisson, reveals what’s next for Mickey, his lover Jez and badly injured brother Scott…

Tonight’s episode of Casualty was extremely hard-hitting. What was going through Mickey’s mind as events unfolded? "When Scott saw Jez on the second floor and went after him, Mickey knew he had to choose between his brother and Jez. He protected the person he loves and also the basic principle of what’s right and wrong."

Why do you think Scott (Will Austin (opens in new tab)) reacted so angrily to Ethan’s bombshell that Jez and Mickey are a couple? "Scott’s lost his dad, who died recently, and in this episode he feels he’s losing his bother. He thought Mickey always had his back and suddenly Mickey’s confronting him. Scott’s always been slightly intimidated by the fact Mickey is well educated. He went to university and Scott never had any of that – he’s always gone by what the Ellisson family does or says. Whereas Mickey’s had the strength to be the opposite."

And Jez is caught in the crossfire? "When Mickey chose to protect Jez (Lloyd Everitt (opens in new tab)) Scott lost his mind. There was a fight and then Scott went over the side of the balcony!"

It’s a shocking scene. Did it involve special stunts? " Yes, but I guess for insurance reasons I wasn’t allowed to do any of them. I’m not Tom Cruise yet!"

Scott dead in Casualty?

Will Scott Ellisson (Will Austin) survive his violent fall? (Image credit: BBC/Adrian Heap)


How badly injured is Scott? "Pretty badly. Let’s say somewhere between 90 and 100% bad. He’s fallen from two stories, so he’s really hurt."

Will this storyline become darker? "Yes. Denise, Scott and Mickey’s mum, will want to know the truth about what happened. Mickey has to choose whether or not to tell her everything. He’s lost his dad, he’s lost his brother, who doesn’t want to know him, and he could also lose his mum. And he’s basing all this on things working out with Jez. Even if your mum is the worst person in the world she’s still your mum. It’s a tough choice for Mickey – Jez or his family."

Scott dead in Casualty?

Alicia and Charlie are shocked by Scott's fall (Image credit: BBC/Adrian Heap)


Is Jez standing by Mickey, despite everything that’s happened? "Yes and to be quite honest, I’m surprised Jez is still sticking around! But that’s the thing with relationships; if you work at them and you go over the speed bumps, you become stronger. I think that’s what’s happening with Mickey and Jez. They’re going over all these speed bumps, they’re having these confrontations, these arguments, and it’s only bringing them even closer. Even though they’re going through all this craziness, at their heart they genuinely care for each other."

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