Casualty star Tom Chambers: 'Sam's gone to New York – and taken Grace with him!'

Sam disappears from Holby - will Connie call the police? (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Tom Chambers reveals why doctor Sam Strachan has vanished from Holby ED - and where he's gone to with Connie's daughter Grace...

Casualty is back and the surprises came thick and fast for clinical lead Connie Beauchamp in Saturday's opening episode. Before the morning shift had even started her ex, Sam Strachan, failed to meet Connie for breakfast with their daughter, Grace. At first Connie (Amanda Mealing) was only slightly annoyed, but that all changed when her other ex, nurse Jacob Masters, let slip that Sam had resigned from his medical post at the ED, effective immediately.

And soon the plot thickened… Connie discovered Sam had given up the lease on the flat he shares with Grace, and neither Grace or Sam were answering their phones.

Tom Chambers, who plays Sam, reveals where Sam and Grace have gone and why Connie won't be seeing them any time soon!

Just how worried should Connie be? "It’s always a power game between Connie and Sam. Recently they reached a happy medium when he became an ED doctor and got his hands dirty, but then he literally vanishes and takes Grace with him… without telling Connie!"

Is Sam harbouring resentment towards Connie? "Sam always feels he gives more of himself to being a committed parent to Grace, while Connie struggles with that. She actually can’t be there at times, but Sam knows children need your time and he gives that to Grace. Connie, however, is so career driven half of her is always married to her job."

Connie's worried sick when Sam disappears with Grace

Connie's worried sick when Sam disappears with Grace (Image credit: BBC)

Do you think Casualty fans will be shocked when they discover Sam has disappeared completely? "It is shocking exit. Sam’s back in New York working as a consultant there. In real life I’m in a musical, so I’ve finished my Casualty contract for now, otherwise I’d still be there!"

You’re starring in Crazy For You? "Yes, I’m touring all around the country with George Gershwin’s musical Crazy For You. It’s the best musical! It’s the first one I ever saw and thought, if I ever get a role in theatre I’d love to be Bobby in Crazy For You. I was pre-contracted for it, so that’s why I’d to leave Casualty."

Does this mean Sam could return to Casualty? "Crazy For You is pretty much a year on tour, we’re on the road now until May next year, but I am hoping – all being well – that Sam will be able to come back."

We doubt Connie will give Sam a warm welcome... "Connie and Sam are passionate sparring partners. They’ve always fancied each other, but really they love-hate each other!"

Something tells us Connie's going to have a hard time forgiving Sam this time...

Something tells us Connie's going to have a hard time forgiving Sam this time... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Watch how Connie reacts to the shocking news Grace and Sam have left without saying goodbye in Casualty, currently available on BBC iPlayer.

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