FIRST LOOK: Casualty’s crash aftermath in pictures!

(Image credit: Adrian Rogers)

Can Casualty’s Connie and Grace possibly escape with their lives from a tragic car crash in the series finale?

Casualty has pulled out all the stops for their series finale, which precedes even more intense drama in the much-anticipated 30th Anniversary…

We can guarantee Casualty fans are going to be left in shock, as the closing scenes of this Saturday’s episode will leave viewers wondering whether clinical lead Connie Beauchamp and her daughter Grace live to see another day.

So how does the mother and daughter’s day end up like this?

Casualty car crash finale

Can Connie and Grace survive this shocking road rage tragedy? (Image credit: Adrian Rogers)

To begin with, Grace catches her mum and nurse Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) kissing in the kitchen. But as furious as Grace is there’s no time for an argument - her best friend Carmel has taken a tumble and needs Connie’s medical expertise urgently…

Connie and Grace at the ED

If looks could kill... Grace would have to bury Connie twice. (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)

Once Carmel’s admitted to the ED, Grace (Emily Carey) and her mum’s arguing begins in earnest – until Connie twigs that all is not okay with Carmel, who seems terrified of her mum, Steph Sims.

Carmel and Steph terror

Why is Carmel terrified of seemingly perfect mum, Steph? (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)

When Connie (Amanda Mealing) spots scratches on Carmel’s abdomen she begins asking questions. But Carmel’s answer leaves her reeling… She claims Grace caused the injuries, and Grace admits to it!

Carmel and Grace coverup

What are Carmel and Grace hiding? (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)

Further tests reveal Carmel is also malnourished. So when Connie walks in on Steph (Tonicha Lawrence) force-feeding her daughter protein shakes and verbally abusing her, Connie begins to realise something disturbing is going on in the Sims’ house.

Steph force feeds Carmel

Sinister Steph forces Carmel to drink protein shakes. (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)

While her mother is elsewhere, Carmel (Sydney Wade) opens up to Connie. Carmel reveals she’s been self-harming because of how her mother treats her. Connie’s relieved her daughter Grace is not to blame but, concerned for vulnerable Carmel, she calls in social services.

Connie Jacob Carmel

Carmel bravely tells Connie and Jacob the truth about her home life. (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC)

And this is where things get really twisted… Once social services are on the scene, vengeful Steph becomes fixed on revenge. Seething she relentlessly pursues Connie and Grace in her car and drives them off the road!

It’s an agonising end to a tense, dark episode. But it’s all leading up to Casualty’s explosive 30th Anniversary episode on August 27th – which has been over a year in the planning!

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