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Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell: Faith is sick of taking the blame

Faith Cadogan at work in Casualty
Point break. Faith Cadogan confronts Lev and publicly reveals he's gay (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty nurse Faith Cadogan betrays Lev by blurting out his deeply buried secret…

Casualty nurse Faith Cadogan has a shocker in this week’s episode of the long-running BBC medical drama. She finally snaps and blurts Lev's sexuality secret in an explosive - and very public - row...

Warning: Contains Casualty spoilers

Faith Cadogan’s day gets off to a rocky start in Casualty this week. With the atmosphere at home tense, she heads to work in Holby ED early so she can get some peace and privacy to read over her divorce petition.

When husband Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) turns up and says their three children Luca, Natalia and Ana missed her at breakfast, tearful Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) reveals she’s struggling with being a hate figure at home. Daughters Natalia and Ana are aware of Faith’s brief fling with doctor Dylan Keogh (William Beck) and are furious with their mum - while remaining completely in the dark about their father’s secret affair with Xander, a man he met online.

With Lev refusing to stick up for his wife with their daughters and laughing off a cruel prank that they play on her, Faith’s inner stoicism begins to fray at being held solely responsible for the disintegration of their marriage…

“Faith is frustrated and exhausted by Lev's inability to accept his own truth,” explains Kirsty Mitchell, who plays her. “She hasn’t stopped loving him but he’s broken her heart with his betrayal. And there's no way to move forward if he won't face who he really is."

Faith decides to throw herself into treating a badly injured homeless patient going by the name of Nick. She uncovers some clues to Nick’s real identity and, desperate to reunite him with his family, oversteps her role...

Despite being warned by doctor Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) to respect Nick’s privacy, Faith can’t help getting involved - only for her actions to have shocking and irreversible consequences!

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Faith’s meddling brings her into conflict with Lev, who seems to be enjoying the ease of his relationship with their children while she struggles. In a moment of anger, Faith reveals the initial reason for their relationship breaking down in front of their shocked colleagues! Lev flees, while Faith is hauled in by nurse manager Jacob Masters (Charles Venn), who issues immediate disciplinary action.

“Faith feels dreadful when she outs Lev," reveals Kirsty, 46. “It happens in the heat of the argument. But she’s sick of taking the blame for the breakdown of their marriage.

“There’s a mixture of guilt and relief that the truth is out…”

With her family in tatters and her job in jeopardy, has lonely Faith crossed a line she can’t come back from?