Is it all over for Chesney and Sinead in Corrie?

Is love's young dream about to end in a nightmare when Sinead finds out Chesney lied to her in Coronation Street?

The cracks start to appear in Chesney Brown and Sinead Tinker's relationship as an unfortunate change of events put him in the dog house as the week goes on in Corrie… The worst of which takes place very publically in the kebab shop when Sinead turns up drunk!


It's certainly ALL OVER Chesney in the kebab shop this week, when Sinead makes a stunning discovery!

Sinead is told by Chesney's Prima Dona co-worker, Gemma Winter, that he offered to work her shift…

Chesney volunteered to stay at work so Gemma could attend Leanne and Michelle's joint baby shower at the Rovers

But a furious Sinead finds out that he lied about having to work and starts knocking back the wine at home, only to then march round and give Chesney a piece of her mind…

Along with half a squirty bottle of ketchup!

Will the pair manage to work through their rocky patch, or is there a love distraction waiting for one of them in the wings? Watch Coronation Street on ITV, from Monday, January 9