Dev and Mary get cosy at a hotel in Coronation Street!

As they cosy up in fluffy hotel robes together, what's going on with Dev and Mary in the coming week?

Dev Alahan and Mary Taylor have become good friends over the years, given that she sees him on a daily basis and has looked after his children since their mother, Sunita, died, but next week it looks like the pair have become unusually close in a hotel bed after spending the night together!

Is all as it seems with the normally platonic couple? What next in the Street? Norris and Sally go for a friendly lunch or Eileen chats to Ken about the global economy..?

With Dev and Mary all snuggled up in a hotel room, what could have led to this scenario between the unlikely duo?

Dev and Mary's pairing-up arises from an awkward situation…

After Dev had surprised girlfriend Erica with a spa break at a swanky hotel, she was unable to make it

When Dev is encouraged to take Mary instead, they both find they have to share a room!

So the reluctant pair make the best of a bumbling situation, but how do they end up in this clinch?

Mary had offered to sleep on the sofa in their hotel room

But they both indulged in too many drinks from the minibar after Dev was in agony from a back wax treatment!

While Dev had fallen asleep in a drunken stupor, Mary knocked back more alcohol and ended up slumped next to him…

A hungover Dev is horrified when he awakes to find Mary next to him - what have they done? Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, July 4