Ben Price on the Corrie wedding crisis: ‘Nick's going to get very sad and then very angry!’ (VIDEO)

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Corrie star Ben Price, who portrays Nick Tilsley in ITV’s soap, has revealed co-star Alison King’s last scenes have been filmed and she’s had her leaving party.

Ben also revealed the consequences of Callum Logan’s body being discovered in the Platt household and that combined with Nick and Carla’s wedding will have far-reaching consequences for Nick and his entire family.

Ben teased: “Nick’s going to get very angry. He’s going to get very sad. He’s going to get very sad and then very angry!"

Talking directly about the stories coming up, Ben added: “Ideally in any story, especially a story like this, you collide the stories together and then you push them out into different ways.

“Nick will not be the same guy. He will lose…. Well I can’t tell you… but it’s very hard for him… It’s going to be really, really hard for him. And it’s going to be different for the Platts for the rest of their lives. That’s what’s great about this story – huge momentous things are going to change for them.”

Not only will Nick and Carla’s relationship fall apart, there is also the ongoing anxiety about Nick’s worsening brain injury.

But when What’s on TV voiced concerns, Ben reassured us: “What’s great for Nick is he’s got the Platts. So it doesn’t matter what happens. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets. He’s got his family."

Speaking about Alison King, who plays Nick’s fiancee Carla Connor, and her departure from the show, Ben explained why it’s ultimately something to celebrate: “Alison finished about a week ago. It’s sad and great. It’s great when an actor pushes on. It gives the storylines a bit of oomph, because you know that’s the last one you’re going to play. You know that’s it and there isn’t going to be any more.

“We really get on, me and Al, so that’s all you can do as a couple. Get on and try your best and try and show there’s a truth to it – no matter how crazy the stories seem.”

Clearly, in the aftermath of the wedding and the Callum murder storyline there’s a lot more story to tell…

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