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Bethany Platt turns drug dealer in Coronation Street!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Bethany Platt is about to get into water so deep she'll need a scuba gear to survive it on Coronation Street (opens in new tab). She unwittingly becomes a drug dealer when the smitten girl drops around to visit her mum's bloke Callum Logan.

It's one thing being a bit wild, but drug dealing is whole new level of trouble. So how does it happen?

The trouble begins when the innocent teenager drops around to see Callum...


He explains to her that he's off out to do some 'work', but suggests she tag along. Of course, anyone else would run a mile, but Bethany's up for a bit of action, especially as Callum is asking.


It's not long before dodgy Callum has duped Bethany into buying some drugs on his behalf. Not only that, but Callum is filming the transaction from a distance.


Check out the tats: No wonder Bethany looks taken aback when she hands the dealer the money.


As the dealer disappears to get the drugs, Bethany is completely unaware Callum has filmed the exchange! But why has he done that? Clearly he thinks the footage will come in handy...


The next day, Bethany and Callum meet up with Gemma at the Dog.


Callum gets Bethany trollied with vodka and marijuana before inviting the girls back to his flat… 


…and again he gets his mobile phone to film her. It looks like he intends to blackmail Bethany into doing more dodgy dealings...

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