Coronation Street star Chris Harper: 'Nathan gets stage fright in court!'

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Chris Harper, who plays evil Coronation Street sexual predator Nathan Curtis, explains why Nathan’s belief in himself may trip him up

Coronation Street’s sexual predator Nathan Curtis is up to his usual dirty tricks as he tries to sabotage the court case against him. But Chris Harper has revealed to Soaplife that his over confidence may be his downfall.

What’s the story?

Nasty Nathan Curtis’s court case is looming and he’s doing all he can to manipulate the situation so he walks away a free man. "He’s using Mel to try and achieve this she craves love, a stable life and so Nathan swears undying devotion to her and promises her a proper home and a family if she can stop Bethany Platt coming to court to give evidence against him," Chris Harper has told Soaplife. Nathan thinks he’s got Mel Maguire just where he wants her – but has he?

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Chris Harper talks to Soaplife...

Soaplife: Is Nathan totally convinced that Mel won’t be swayed by Bethany?

Chris Harper: "Mel has always done what he needs before so there’s no reason to believe she'll turn on him now. Bethany has her family and her friends but Mel only has Nathan."

S: On the day of the court case is Nathan still totally confident he’ll walk free?

CH: "It's touch and go, but he thinks he's a master manipulator who can twist anyone round his little finger - including the guards, the police and his female barrister. A real-life police inspector told me about a man, charged with grooming, who tried to seduce her. Nathan is largely based on him. His self-confidence is delusional."

S: When Bethany doesn’t arrive in court he must be delighted!

CH: "It’s a dream come true. He knows he can slip through if he keeps lying well and the witnesses don't come forward. I think he finds the adrenalin rush almost fun. He's back in control. He knows he's not in the clear till he's out but without Bethany testifying, the case is weak enough to let him wriggle out and carry on doing what he is doing. He's already making plans for the future."

S: Does Nathan start feeling nervous once he’s in the dock?

CH: "He feels it’s in his hands as he thinks he can talk his way out of anything. He’s convinced the jury will fall for him in the same way Bethany and Mel did."

S: How does he handle being questioned by Bethany’s barrister?

CH: "Nathan's barrister has done a good job selling the story Nathan’s constructed but it’s clear Bethany's barrister doesn't believe a word of it. Nathan’s convinced himself that he’s done nothing wrong but when he realises the jury don't seem to be falling for his charm, he suddenly gets stage fright."

S: Whether Nathan walks free or gets sent down, it’s the end of his time in Weatherfield – have you enjoyed taking on this character?

CH: "Playing a role for this long, as new episodes have come up and the plot has twisted and turned, has been really exciting. I have loved watching this snake grow. I don't like him but love playing him."

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