Coronation Street star Dolly-Rose Campbell: Gemma is stunned by Henry’s shock proposal!

Coronation Street - Gemma Winter played by Dolly-Rose
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Actress Dolly-Rose Cambell has revealed to Soaplife that Henry Newton is back in Gemma Winter’s life and determined to prove he loves her.

Coronation Street favourite Gemma Winter’s dream of becoming brewery heir Henry Newton’s princess looks like it might just become true when he offers to buy her the Rovers, actress Dolly-Rose Campbell has revealed!

What’s the story?

Gemma Winter was devastated to discover posh boyfriend Henry Newton only dated her as a bet, even though he admitted he’d developed feelings for her! Secretly, she’s stayed in touch with him and she’s fantasised about them getting back together. But she’s gutted to find out he’s engaged.

Henry Newton, Gemma Winter

Can Henry win Gemma back?

“It’s Chesney who comforts her, having put aside his disapproval over her fling with Tyrone, and he tries to cheer her by taking her to lunch at the Bistro. Although, unbeknown to Gemma Chesney wants them to become an item,” actress Dolly Rose Campbell told Soaplife.

But just as Chesney is about to declare his feelings, who should turn up but Hooray Henry to declare his love!

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Coronation Street star Dolly Rose Campbell’s interview with Soaplife about Gemma's big shock...

Soaplife: How does she react to seeing Henry?

Dolly-Rose Campbell: "She’s shocked. Henry tells her his parents forced him to get engaged and he’s not happy because he’s still in love with Gemma."

S: Does she believe him?

DRC: "She doesn’t know what to believe. She tells him to get lost and he goes to leave the Bistro. However, Henry wants to prove he’s telling the truth and he genuinely cares for her."

SL: How does Henry do this?

DRC: "By trying to impress her with the grand romantic gesture of offering to buy the Rovers for them both to run as a business!"

S: OMG! Will he convince her?

DRC: "He might. Not because Gemma has pound signs in her eyes, but she thinks he must really care about her to do something like that. But she’s terrified of being let down again."

S: What about poor Chesney?

DRC: "I think the viewers will be shouting at their TVs for Chesney to tell Gemma how he feels and not let Henry muscle back in. But Chesney doesn’t say anything and, to Gemma, he’s still just her best mate. He does mention he doesn’t think Henry is to be trusted, though."

S: Is Chesney right to be suspicious?

DRC: "Henry didn’t come in with the best intentions regarding Gemma, but this grand gesture could show that he does care and he wants to make a life with her. I think she should still be wary of him, though."

S: What should she do?

DRC: "I can’t answer that. Gemma should do what’s right for her. It should be more about that than being defined by what man she chooses."

S: Gemma and Henry as business and life partners… Could it realistically work?

DRC: "It would be a bit like My Fair Lady! Gemma from the Dog and Gun becoming landlady of the Rovers. It would certainly be a new start for her, especially with a man like Henry at her side. It’s beyond her wildest dreams. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out, though…"

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