Coronation Street spoiler alert: Sally’s wedding day doesn’t go the way she wants it to

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

As Coronation Street fans have seen, Sally Webster is not giving up on Tim Metcalfe - even though he has made it clear that he has given up on her, them, and their wedding because, in a silly, drunken moment, Sally kissed her ex, Kevin (Michael Le Vell).

“Tim warns Sally that she’ll make a fool of herself if she turns up for their wedding at the bistro,” our Coronation Street insider tells us.

But Sally (Sally Dynevor) is a fool for love and refuses to accept that the wedding is off.

Tim (Joe Duttine) has forgiven Kevin for kissing Sally but he won’t forgive Sally for that kiss.

Tim was gutted when Anna (Debbie Rush), drunk and spoiling for a fight with Sally, revealed all about Sally’s secret kiss (she overheard the gossip in Sally’s garden).

He dumped a shocked Sally on the spot and is now doing his best to avoid her.

They’re both heartbroken but Tim is also angry, hurt and humiliated.

Sally thinks everything will be OK if they can just get married and pushes ahead with her wedding plans.

But, sadly, she’s wrong.

“In the bistro, the staff and guests are all embarrassed for Sally as she stands waiting for Tim in her wedding dress,” Corrie reveals.

And, in the end, she has to admit that Tim isn’t coming. He really isn’t going to marry her.

But is that just for now - or for good?

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