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Coronation Street’s Maureen Lipman reveals her character’s arrival will drive Fiz Stape out of Weatherfield

Maureen Lipman in Coronation Street as Evelyn Plummer
(Image credit: ITV)

‘Evelyn is going to wreck everything for Tyrone’ says Maureen of her new on screen alter ego

Coronation Street newcomer Maureen Lipman, who has joined the soap as Tyrone Dobb’s formidable grandmother, Evelyn Plummer, has revealed that her new cobbles character will eventually be the reason her grandson’s other half leaves the cobbles. 

It’s no secret that actress Jennie McAlpine, who has played fan favourite Fiz since 2001, is expecting the arrival of her second child later this year. But while it was previously a mystery as to how she would be written out of the soap for her upcoming maternity leave, Maureen recently told us that Evelyn is heavily involved. 

“Evelyn and Fiz are definitely going to clash,” admits the actress, who is celebrating 50 years in show business this year. “Fiz’s departure from the Street will involve Evelyn, her boorish behaviour will definitely be what drives her out.”

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And when it comes to her character’s behaviour towards grandson Tyrone and his family, it doesn’t seem that surprising that Fiz could eventually get fed up and leave Coronation Street

“Evelyn is unpleasant and mean,” reveals Maureen, who was made CBE in 1999. “She doesn’t suffer anyone gladly, not even fools. She is very prickly with Tyrone. He is the only family she has and he bends over backwards to help this stroppy cow. He virtually saves her life and she doesn’t even say thank you.” 

But despite getting off on the wrong foot, Maureen has hinted that she thinks there could be a softer side to her character, it’s just going to take a while for it to emerge…

“She’s a battleaxe, but thankfully people like a battleaxe. Tyrone’s a darling and she just comes along and wrecks everything. Everyone is redeemable though, so hopefully there will be some warmth in her at some point. I just haven’t seen it yet!”

Coronation Street, featuring Maureen Lipman, continues on ITV.