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Corrie’s Michelle Keegan: 'Peter lusts after Tina, but it's not love for him!'

Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife that Tina’s living in fantasy land if she thinks Peter will leave Carla for her…

It must be hell for Tina seeing Peter so loved up with Carla?

“It is, but she’s totally blinded by love for him. It worries her, too, but her feelings for Peter and the urge to have him overrides everything else. She can’t understand how he can want to be with her and then quite easily flit off to his wife.”

Does she think Peter loves her?

“She believes he does and she still thinks she’ll get him to leave Carla. The reality is that Peter lusts after Tina, but it’s not love. He does care for her in a way, but he loves Carla and will never leave her. Tina’s setting herself up for heartbreak.”

But Peter does eventually tell Tina he loves her…

“And she’s over the moon - but he doesn’t really mean it. He just knows it’s what she wants to hear and he’s right. But Tina can’t see Peter for what he is.”

She tells Steph about a ‘friend’ who’s having an affair, but Steph susses she’s talking about herself… 

“Tina’s shocked and embarrassed, but also relieved to have someone to really talk to. It’s a very lonely time for Tina and I think she needs someone to confide in. However, when Steph tells her it will all end in tears, Tina doesn’t want to hear it.”

Carla thinks she might be pregnant… How will Tina react?

“Tina would be devastated. She really wants a child, but Peter tells her he doesn’t and therefore he’s not good for her. To find out that he actually does want children - just not with her - would be a total slap in the face.”

Might Tina get pregnant herself?

“I don’t think she would purposely get pregnant with that intent, but she would like a child with Peter. If she does get pregnant again, she knows she would never be able to get rid of the baby.”