Corrie’s Tina O’Brien: 'It's not the early baby Sarah has a problem with – it's Callum!'

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien reveals to Soaplife all the drama and fear surrounding the premature birth of her baby…

Why is Sarah so scared when she goes into labour early?

“Billy, the baby boy she had with Todd [Bruno Langley], was premature and he died. Ironically she’s with Todd when she goes into labour, but she’s in massive denial because she’s so scared and tries to convince herself that the baby’s not coming.”

But it is and Sarah needs a Caesarean, which upsets her more. Why?

“The baby’s in distress so doctors advise it, but Sarah’s against it because she had Billy by Caesarean. If she has to have this baby the same way, she’s sure it’ll all go wrong and the baby will die. She’s just got it in her head that something is going to go wrong. It’s almost like a defence mechanism. She’s preparing herself for the worst possible scenario.”

How supportive is Todd?

“He’s amazing, he’s the one that gets her through the C-section, which she eventually agrees to have. Kylie [Paula Lane] is meant to be her birthing partner but she’s busy elsewhere so Todd is really the one to talk her through it. He tells her this isn’t Billy but a different situation.”

What’s her reaction when she sees her baby for the first time?

“She’s madly in love with him straight away. Initially, she really didn’t want a baby at all, but when she had the scare where she couldn’t feel him move, it hit home how much she wanted him. It isn’t the baby she has a problem with - it’s Callum [Sean Ward].”

How does she feel when Marion, Callum’s mum, turns up?

“Sarah goes nuts. Seeing Marion [Susan Cookson] brings back the last time she saw Callum. She becomes very territorial over the baby and doesn’t want Marion anywhere near her or her son.”

How is she coping with Callum’s death?

“Having the baby really brings Callum’s death home to her. Now she has this baby it’s a constant reminder that it’s never going to be all right and it’s never going to go away.”

Coronation Street, ITV.