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Corrie's Anna Windass heartbroken to give away granddaughter Miley

Coronation Street star Debbie Rush has revealed Anna Windass will be devastated when she has to hand baby Miley over to her paternal grandparents.

When Anna’s teenage daughter Faye (Ellie Leach) breaks down at baby Miley’s christening, Anna is forced to think about giving her granddaughter to Jackson Hodge’s parents, Josie and Greig.

Debbie revealed: “She is heartbroken – I think she gets that feeling of failure back that she first had when she discovered Faye was having a baby. But by this point she has really come to terms with the way things have to be and she knows it is best for both Miley and Faye.”

Corrie's Anna and Tim hand baby Miley over to Josie Hodge

Corrie’s Anna and Tim hand baby Miley over to Josie Hodge (ITV)


But her adopted daughter Faye, 13, actually copes better than her mother.

Debbie revealed: “As heartbroken as Faye is, she is also very grown up about it and knows that it would be the right thing for Miley, who has to come first. Faye knows that she still has so much growing up to do herself. Faye didn’t have the best first few years in life and I think she is conscious that she wants things to be different for Miley.”