Corrie's Ian Puleston-Davies: ‘Owen’s ex could completely shatter his family'

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Coronation Street’s Ian Puleston-Davies reveals to Soaplife Owen’s shock when his ex-wife turns up at his door…

What is Owen and Linda’s history?

“They haven’t seen each other for years and Owen was very bitter for a long time because of what happened between them – she had an affair. But Owen told Izzy (Cherylee Houston) and Katy (Georgia May Foote) that Linda couldn’t cope with family life and struggled with the children – especially Izzy, because of her disability - and that’s why she left them.”

What does Linda (Jacqueline Leonard) want?

“Linda’s tried many times to get in touch, but Owen’s made it very clear she’s not welcome. She feels she’s missed out for long enough - she knows nothing about her daughters. She also wants to give them her side of the story.”

We bet Owen’s worried…

“His immediate thoughts are that Linda will want to tell the girls the entire truth and that they’ll think he’s been lying to them all this time. I think he’s very scared it will blow up at any minute.”

And he should be, shouldn’t he?

“The truth has the potential to completely shatter the family.”

Will Linda’s arrival affect Owen’s relationship with Anna (Debbie Rush)?

“She may feel threatened by Owen’s ex coming on the scene plus she’ll feel let down Owen hasn’t been completely honest about his past.”

What if Linda sticks around?

“That prospect worries Owen immensely. Linda being around has already put a strain on the family and her staying in Weatherfield would prolong that.”

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