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Corrie's Michael Le Vell: 'I think Kevin and Jenny can be friends again'

Jenny’s back in Coronation Street – and then Kevin’s son Jack disappears. Has Jenny taken him again? Michael Le Vell tells Soaplife the answer…

Bad penny Jenny Bradley has returned to the Street and hasn’t been welcomed with open arms. But Kevin Webster isn’t as upset as some expected him to be.

“Kevin was extremely shocked to see Jenny again, but then he realised he could cope with having her close by and that she deserves a second chance,” says Michael. 

Until it looks like Jenny has snatched his son Jack… again.

First thing’s first, does Jenny’s return affect Kevin’s relationship with Anna?

“Well, things are a bit bit up and down with them, anyway. Kevin knows there’s something Anna [Debbie Rush] is not telling him about Phelan [Connor McIntyre] and they’ve had a few rows about this. She needs to be honest with Kevin if they are to have any kind of future together. As for Jenny [Sally Ann Matthews]: Kevin’s prepared to move on.”

Until Jack wanders off – and is found with Jenny…

“Kevin thinks the worst and doesn’t give her any chance to explain. He shouts at her in the street and shows her up. Sally [Sally Dynevor] and Sophie [Brooke Vincent] stick their oar in so Jenny doesn’t get chance to explain her side of the story.”

So how does the truth come out?

“It comes from Jack. He tells Kevin what really happened – he went to see Jenny on his own. Then Kevin realises he has made a terrible mistake and he apologises to Jenny.”

Where do Kevin and Jenny go from here?

“I think they can be friends again. They have lots in common and have known each other for years. If the relationship with Kevin and Anna hadn’t started then who knows what could have happened? He does tell Jenny that he cared a lot about her and that they had something special. If she had only opened up to him at the time, things could have been very different.”

Coronation Street, ITV