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Kym Marsh: I was no bridezilla when it came to Steve and Michelle (VIDEO)

Steve and Michelle are finally getting hitched in Coronation Street. But little do they know, Steve's treacherous ex Tracy is out to get even with all those she thinks have wronged her!

As an unmissable week of episodes gets underway, Corrie star Kym Marsh opens up about Steve and Michelle's long-awaited big day.

"I loved the wedding dress," says Kym. "I was hugely involved in choosing it. I was very quick in choosing the dress. I wasn't a bridezilla! I think it was the third or fourth dress I tried on. It's hard. You do look at the dresses and think, 'What would I like?' But you have to remember you're not shopping for you, you're shopping for Michelle."

Kym also gives us the scoop on the new Connor cousins moving to the Street later this year (lead by Shayne Ward), the aftermath of Tracy and Tony's attempted takeover of the Rovers... and her cute new canine co-star Cookie, who happens to be Simon Gregson's real-life pet!

"Simon just happened to hear the producers were looking for a Jack Russell to be a part of the show," explains Kym. "They were going to give Steve and Michelle a dog called Rover. So Simon brought Cookie in and she is now Rover. She is just so cute. She is gorgeous… until she breathes in your face! She's got the smelliest breath ever!"

Don't miss the explosive events in Coronation Street, all this week at 9pm on ITV.