'Linda wants an answer from Owen and the girls now' says Corrie's Jacqueline Leonard

Coronation Street's Jacqueline Leonard talks to Soaplife about Linda’s efforts to steal her family away from Anna…

Have Linda’s feelings for Owen never really died?

"They didn’t split because they fell out of love. The brief affair Linda had was a form of escapism for her – she was very young and finding life hard. Owen [Ian Puleston-Davies] was so devastated and heartbroken he couldn’t bear to have any more to do with her."

What makes her ask him to move to Portugal with her?

"Spending time with Owen and remembering how happy they once were makes Linda realise that she really does still have feelings for him and so she asks him to come to Portugal with her."

What about his feelings for her?

"She can tell he still cares about her, There is real chemistry between them when they are together."

Doesn’t Linda feel bad about Anna?

"If it were obvious that Owen and Anna [Debbie Rush] were happy, maybe Linda wouldn’t make the offer to Owen. But Anna and Owen always seem to be arguing and fighting. Their relationship is very stressed."

Does Linda realise Anna’s threatened by her?

"Yes – especially since it’s come to light that Owen lied to her about the circumstances surrounding Linda leaving her girls. Anna has also realised just how much Owen loved Linda and that he still has feelings for her."

What would be Linda’s best-case scenario in all this?

"For her and Owen, their daughters and grandsons to live together in Portugal. Linda’s worked hard and done very well for herself. She wants to share it all with her family – and her former husband. She wants them in her life as much as possible."

Will she get her wish?

"It’s not a given by any means. She can’t stay in Weatherfield forever – she has to get back to her property business in Portugal and so she needs Owen – and the girls – to give her an answer now."