‘Michael realises he’s in a lot of danger with Phelan,’ says Corrie’s Les Dennis

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Coronation Street’s Les Dennis reveals to Soaplife how Michael Rodwell’s in grave danger when he discovers Phelan's dirty deal

Michael Rodwell is one brave man. Not only does he have the guts to fleece Pat Phelan in a poker game but also he then takes it upon himself to confront the dodgy builder over the building development scam. Les Dennis tells Soaplife what happens…

How does Michael get proof of Phelan’s dirty business? “After the poker game, he goes to Eileen’s house to get an electric blanket he left behind. He’s upstairs when he hears Phelan [Connor McIntyre] talking to Vinny [Ian Kelsey] on the phone about fleecing Eileen and making their getaway to Mexico.”

What does Michael do? “He goes to Anna [Debbie Rush] – he knows she’ll believe what he’s saying – but he doesn’t get the reaction he wants. She’s still in a bad way after the accident and isn’t interested.”

But Michael doesn’t let it drop… “He feels in a very strong position and enjoys rattling Phelan - pretending that he wants one of the flats but also making it very clear he knows all is not as it seems.”

And he goes to the development site, doesn’t he? “Yes – and there is no sign of any building work. He tells Eileen [Sue Cleaver] this but she’s not interested. Eileen is still convinced everything is above board. However, when Michael is very specific about Phelan’s plans for Mexico, she becomes unsettled.”

Why does Michael then go back to the site? “He decides to see what other evidence he can find before Vinny and Phelan do their disappearing act. He knows there must be something he can find to prove to Eileen and everyone else – and there is. He finds tickets and a fake passport. He also discovers Phelan’s scamming everyone.”

And? “Michael has just found the passport and tickets when he sees Phelan approaching.”

What happens? “Michael is very confident as he tells Phelan he finally has him banged to rights. But Phelan’s reaction makes Michael realise he’s in a lot of danger…”

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