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'Nathan seems nice enough, but that won't last much longer,' reveals new Corrie star Christopher Harper

Nathan Bethany Platt
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Nasty Nathan Curtis has got Bethany just where he wants her and then he’s arrested, reveals Corrie newcomer Christopher Harper

Sexual predator Nathan Curtis is grooming Bethany Platt in Corrie and she has no idea…

“Nathan’s been careful and he’s moving in on her very gradually because he hasn’t wanted to scare her off,” Christopher Harper told Soaplife. “He knew it was working when she was willing to video herself. Making that first video gave him a chance to lavish her with compliments, which she’s taken very much to heart.”

But Nathan’s not working alone…

Who’s his accomplice? “It’s a girl called Mel, who says she’s a mate of Nathan’s. The fact Nathan has a friend who’s a girl makes him look a lot more credible and trustworthy to Bethany [Lucy Fallon]. Mel encourages Bethany to go back to Nathan’s tanning salon and make another video.”

What happens when she does? “Nathan flatters and compliments Bethany, and he ends up kissing her. It’s a green light and he’s drawn her in. The fact she’s having what is really her first kiss with him means that he’s inside her heart.”

They both get a shock, though, when the police turn up, don’t they? “Yes. They want to talk to Nathan about a missing girl and he needs Bethany to give him an alibi. If she does, he’s got her. If she doesn’t, he’s in hot water.”

What reaction have you had to the story so far? “People are very protective towards Bethany, which is very understandable. Some people are suspicious of Nathan, but until now he’s seemed a nice enough guy. That won’t last for much longer, though.”

Are you nervous about the reaction from viewers as the story progresses? “It’s important to raise awareness of the issue the story is about. It’s one that affects lots of people to varying degrees. I’m not worried about how people might react to Nathan because what I want is for people to look out for Bethany.”

How will Nathan cope if the Platts discover his game? “Nathan’s an expert in going sideways or backwards. He’s a slippery one. Nathan avoids contact with most of the other adults in Weatherfield, so they’ll have to move fast if they’re on to him as he’ll leave town pretty quickly!”

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