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Norris Cole’s home in Coronation Street will be DEMOLISHED!

Norris Cole pokes his head out of number three Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

'I’ll be sad to see it go,' says Corrie boss

Following the news that new family the Baileys are going to be moving into No3 Coronation Street, whatsontv can report Norris Cole’s "museum piece" home is set to go!

The new clan will take over Norris’ (Malcolm Hebden) home – but not his fixtures and fittings.

“It’s an iconic set so it’s not a decision we took lightly,” said producer Iain MacLeod of the impending makeover.

“I’ll be sad to see it go. I might go down on the day they dismantle the set and nick some wallpaper. It’s a museum piece.”

Coronation Street inside of number three and shows Norris with Emily and Tracy

"Museum piece!" Even back in 2012 when this snap was taken, the decor was incredibly dated!

Iain added: “It’s a funny thing with Corrie, we occasionally have these discussions about all our sets. You have to counterweight the requirement to be real with the fact the sets are iconic.

“I won’t name any but there are a few around which I don’t think would look like that in this day and age. But I’m not touching them unless someone twists my arm. No3 was kind of in that category but it felt like we had to do it.”

Coronation Street star Malcolm Hebden as Norris Cole in Coronation Street

Coronation Street fans are looking forward to the return of Malcolm Hebden as Norris Cole

What’s ahead for the new-look No3 remains to be seen – but Iain is hoping the home will have a special twist all of its own…

“It would be great if the Baileys had something iconic in their house like the mural or the ducks,” said Iain.

“We did have an idea, which everyone keeps laughing about but I’m serious! What if, in renovating the house, they take out the staircase to put an open, stylish one. But, because builder Edison is so busy at work he never gets round to putting it in, so they just have a ladder to get upstairs!”

With Norris currently in Edinburgh, Iain revealed that it falls to Mary (Patti Clare) to take umbrage at the changes at No3 on his behalf.

“In the story which sees the house change hands, Mary has a strong emotional reaction to some of the events which surround that,” he explained.

“She feels like she’s Norris’ attack dog in his absence. Mary gets her knickers in a bunch about some of the things that go on with the sale of the house.”

Despite the Baileys taking over Norris’ home, producer Iain confirmed Norris is returning.

“Norris is not leaving the show. We thought given the circumstances we're in it made sense to put a family in No3. But it’s certainly not the end of Norris.”

Watch this space for Norris’ much-anticipated return!

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

Pictures: ITV/REX/Shutterstock

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