Revealed! Gavin is really called 'Andy'! Corrie's Oliver Farnworth tells all

The truth is out about Gavin… Oliver Farnworth tells Soaplife all about a deception that has tangled up a lot of people!

There's something a bit fishy about Gavin – and we're not talking about that father/son fishing trip. He's been very vague about his past, blowing hot and cold with Steph, and when his ex-girlfriend turns up at the bistro, he actually hides. Why? Because he's not the real Gavin! "His name's Andy and he's a flatmate of the real Gavin, who's gone travelling," Oliver reveals to Soaplife. "Andy made a rash decision to pretend to be Gavin and but now the situation's spiralled out of control!" That's an understatement!

Why did Andy steal Gavin’s identity?

"He's not a seasoned crook – it was a rash decision prompted by desperation. Andy had lost his job, was broke and feeling very low. When Michael's note came through the door, Andy cheekily decided to be Gavin, hoping he could make a few quid out of it. He felt justified because Gavin's messed him about in the past."

He didn't think it was wrong to deceive Michael (Les Dennis)?

"Not initially. He was just thinking about money but, after their first meeting, Andy had started regretting it and wanted out. But then all of a sudden, thanks to Michael and the Platts, Andy's got this new life and a job. This makes him feel even more guilty about the deception. He also knows the real Gavin should be informed he may have a hereditary heart condition."

How does he feel about Steph (Tisha Merry)?

"He really likes her but has been keeping his distance in case he gets found out. He thinks he's blown it when the real Gavin's ex comes into the bistro, blazing about Gavin being unfaithful. While Andy hides, Steph covers for him. She's wary with him after that and so Andy decides to tell her how he really feels."

He doesn't tell her he's not Gavin, though?

"Not yet but I think it's only a matter of time before he tells her the truth about who he really is. I think Andy might have reached a point where he just can't lie any more but he doesn't know how he's going to get out of this one."

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