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Robert 'will do anything' to protect Michelle, warns Coronation Street’s Tristan Gemmill

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(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Robert Preston and Michelle Connor are in yet more danger! And Corrie’s Tristan Gemmill hints that Robert will turn to the dark side to sort things…

Robert Preston isn’t half paying for his dodgy past and, while it’s bad enough he believes he’s being targeted by low-life drug dealer Rich, he can’t bear the fact that his girlfriend, Michelle Connor, is affected in Coronation Street.

“Robert feels totally responsible for the nightmare that’s unfolding," Tristan Gemmill told Soaplife. “And being the hands-on guy that he is, he decides he has to fix it his way… and it sort of spirals out of control because of that.’

So, Robert believes Rich is responsible for the attacks on the Bistro? “Yes, but Rich has a strong alibi. Robert, though, is convinced Rich is responsible and he can’t get this out of his head.”

Why does Robert offer Chesney Brown £5000? “Robert notices Chesney jump when a plate smashes and he worries Chesney may have psychological scars after the Bistro attack. Adam Barlow’s threatening legal action on Chesney’s behalf, but Robert offers Chesney a pay-off he can’t afford to try to avoid more trouble.”

Michelle offers to bail him out financially. How does he feel about that? “Robert’s independent and he wants to sort out his own problems and he doesn’t want money to get in the way of their relationship. So he goes to the casino. He thinks it helps him unwind, plus he could win some money.”

Does it help him unwind? “No. Michelle [Kym Marsh] is furious when she finds out and they have a big argument. Robert says he got them into this mess and he’ll get them out of it, but this doesn’t hold water. Michelle points out this will count for nothing if the Bistro goes bankrupt because he loses more money. There are some icy moments between them and Michelle insists that from now on they tell each other the truth about everything.”

Then Michelle’s car is vandalised… “Michelle clearly doesn’t know about it, so Robert goes into protection mode and he gets it fixed without telling her. When she finds out, they fall out again. These attacks are starting to unravel Michelle and Robert’s relationship.”

Michelle’s clearly in serious danger… “And Robert will do anything to protect her… We will see just how far he’s prepared to go. This turns out to be quite a significant departure for him.”

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