Sally’s cancer nightmare returns, reveals Corrie’s Sally Dynevor

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(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Sally Metcalfe is sickened to discover she’s the victim of a vicious prank, explains Corrie’s Sally Dynevor to Soaplife…

Sally Metcalfe can be a right pain in the bum, especially since she became a councillor. But nothing can excuse a poisonous prank that is played on her. “She’s just done an interview with Jenny Bradley on Radio Weatherfield about the mastectomy bras when she gets a call from what she thinks is the hospital, informing her that her breast cancer has returned,” actress Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife. “She’s really upset, shocked and frightened as she thinks it’s for real!” Then she finds out it isn’t.

How does Sally react when she realises she’s the victim of such a vicious prank? “She really can’t believe that someone would actually do something so horrific and feel so strongly about her to want to cause her so much pain and worry.”

Trolling is a timely issue to be covering, isn’t it? “Yes. It goes on all the time, especially for young people with mobile phones. Sally’s been trolled because of her work as a councillor but, until now, she has coped. She thinks she can deal with it. She reckons this sort of thing must happen to anybody in such a public position. I’ve found it very hard because it’s a difficult subject, but it’s essential we tell this story.”

(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Are you enjoying working with Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny? “I’ve known Sally Ann for years and she’s lovely. We have a lot of fun and she has a brilliant memory, so she reminds me of things we did when we were younger.”

Would you like to see Sally and Jenny’s newfound friendship continue? “I would, but it’s quite nice playing rivals, too! It’s nice to have a bit of both, where they like each other one minute and hate each other the next.”

How is Sally feeling about having her daughter, Rosie, back in Weatherfield? “Both Sally Metcalfe and I are really thrilled that Rosie and actress Helen Flanagan, who plays her, are back. Helen’s an absolute treasure and I love working with her. For Street mum Sally, it’s fantastic because Rosie’s the most wonderful daughter and she’s always been very protective of her.”

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