‘Sarah thinks baby Harry could be Callum reincarnated!’ reveals Tina O’Brien

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Corrie’s Sarah is even more convinced her baby is the work of the devil when he won’t stop crying at his Christening, Tina O’Brien tells Soaplife.

Sarah has rushed the Christening because she thinks it will exorcise the evil from Harry, right?

“Yes. She’s had no sleep, all these crazy thoughts are racing through her brain and she gets fixated with thinking that if she gets the baby baptised, then everything will be all right and they’ll all be able to move forward.”

What does Billy the vicar think?

“He’s worried about her because he can see things really aren’t right with her. Billy [Daniel Brocklebank] and Sarah do have a real connection.”

So what happens at the Christening?

“Sarah has a meltdown because Harry won’t stop crying. They’re at the font and Billy is putting water on the baby’s head and it makes Harry scream even more. In Sarah’s mind, if being Christened doesn’t stop Harry crying then he really must be Callum [Sean Ward] reincarnated. Sarah quickly thrusts Harry into godfather Nick’s arms and runs from the church, sobbing her heart out.”


“Billy comes looking for her and she tells him how she wanted it all to be perfect. There are many unsaid things, though. Billy tries to talk to her and seems to calm her down, but I don’t know if she actually takes in what he says. Maybe she’ll start thinking straight after a good night’s sleep, then again maybe she won’t.”

Has Sarah thought about what she’ll tell Harry about his father?

“There’s a lot of denial going on, but I think she’s hoping that she’ll be able to tell him what everyone else thinks has happened to him – that he went off somewhere before he was born and never came back.”

Coronation Street, ITV