'Steve finds out about Will and wants to hurt Michelle,' reveals Corrie's Simon Gregson

Corrie's Steve is in bits when he finds out Michelle cheated. Simon Gregson tells Soaplife how he takes the news…

How does Steve find out?

"Will and Saskia barge into the Rovers. Steve has no idea who they are, but then it all comes out about Will [Leon Ockenden] and Michelle's fling, and how Saskia has dumped Will as a result!"

How does Steve react?

"He's really shocked, upset and hurt by it. It was the last thing he ever though Michelle would do, even though he knew she was cross with him."

What does Michelle do?

"Michelle [Kym Marsh] says it was only a kiss, but Steve doesn't know what to think. He does end up believing her, though. But Steve can't believe what she's done and he's going to string it out. He wants her to hurt like he's hurting."

And there is a fight with Will, isn’t there?

“Will comes in to the cab office and Steve goes for him. But he's quickly reminded by his mate, Tim [Joe Duttine], that he's hurt his arm so Tim fights Will instead."

Why can’t he forgive Michelle?

"He's too hurt. It doesn't help that Michelle only admitted to half of the story. Steve finds out from Will about them being on his bed… So there's obviously a lot more to it."

Are Steve and Michelle over?

"It's all up in the air. This is possibly the biggest test they have had at the end of 12 very difficult months. It will be interesting to see if they can work through it."

Do you hope they can?

"Yes. Kym and I have a really good friendship. Then again, it's good to shake things up sometimes."

Coronation Street, ITV