Steve made it back just in time in to save his marriage in Corrie… Or did he?

michelle and will kiss.jpg

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) finally returned to Coronation Street last night (April 22), ready to celebrate wife Michelle’s 40th birthday.

But by the time Steve got to kiss Michelle (Kym Marsh), her lips had already been warmed up by her very first love, Will (Leon Ockenden).

Michelle couldn't keep her hands off Will


Michelle jumped out of Will’s bed just before their passionate kissing went further — but can she stay away from him?

Even with Steve back home, we’re not sure she can.

Her marriage has hit the rocks and we don’t think Steve will be able to steer it back into calm waters — especially as, right now, he has no idea that Michelle has been seeing Will.

Michelle had been determined to stay faithful to Steve and was looking forward to him coming home for her 40th.

But then Steve didn’t turn up.

“Is that bloke deliberately trying to wreck his marriage?” asked Eva (Catherine Tyldesley), when Steve was a no-show for Michelle’s 40th birthday party.

We don’t think so… But that doesn’t mean it’s not over.

“Steve thinks Michelle and himself have been getting on fine,” says Simon Gregson. “It turns out they haven’t. Steve hasn’t got a clue what’s going on with this chap called Will, who’s kind of good-looking.”

Which means Steve doesn’t know that Michelle ran to Will because she thought Steve has let her down yet again.

“I didn’t come here for the food,” Michelle told Will last night, when he talked about cooking her a birthday dinner.

And it was Michelle who took Will by the hand and led him to his bedroom.

But then she had a change of heart.

“Stop! I thought I could do this but I can’t,” Michelle told Will, “not while I’ve still got something worth fighting for.”

But has she?

“Steve comes back all chilled out,” adds Simon. “But he comes back to a massive drama. Typical!”

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Steve returned for Michelle's 40th birthday – but he was too late


And we think this drama is just beginning… Michelle has told Will she wants her marriage to work.

But what does Will want? He’s supposed to be marrying his fiancée Saskia, who also has no idea that he and Michelle have been getting hot and heavy.

Will Will walk away from Michelle? Or will he decide that it’s their relationship he wants to fight for and call off his wedding?

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, April 25, 7.30pm.