Coronation Street star Victoria Ekanoye: ‘Angie is terrified Mary's hurting George!’

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Coronation Street actress Victoria Ekanoye has revealed that Angie is sure Mary is to blame when baby George is taken desperately ill.

Coronation Street star Victoria Ekanoye has talked to Soaplife about Angie’s terror as baby George is taken seriously ill… And in a sinister twist it seems that mother-in-law Mary may be behind it.

What’s the Story?

It’s worrying enough for Angie Appleton that her little boy George has been in and out of hospital since the family arrived in Weatherfield but she’s becoming increasingly suspicious that Mary has something to do with him being poorly. "It seems to Angie that Mary is the common denominator because every time George is with his grandma he gets sick - someone looking in from the outside would deduce that Mary is the catalyst so Angie thinks this isn’t really that far-fetched, although Jude disagrees," actress Victoria Eckanoye tells Soaplife. But then the medics seem to confirm what Angie has been saying. . .

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Victoria Ekanoye’s interview with Soaplife...

Soaplife: Is George rushed to hospital again then?

Victoria Ekanoye: “It happens after Mary has been minding him at the flower shop, he falls ill again and ends up being taken to hospital. This time George is really, really ill and at this point even the doctors have no idea what’s wrong with him.”

SL: What’s Angie’s reaction when the doctor mentions that George often flares up whenever he spends time with Mary?

VE: “She feels justified in how she has been feeling. This has caused a rift between Jude and her but now she has a professional telling her that it is weird, she thinks, ‘I am not going crazy, I told you. . .’ She hopes Jude will agree.”

SL: Does he?

VE: “No. While George is being looked after in the baby room, Jude and Angie argue about it. Jude probably does see the logic to Angie – and the doctor’s – argument but he’s defending his mum.”

SL: What happens next?

VE: "Suddenly the alarm from the baby room goes off. Jude and Angie stop rowing and run over there to find all these doctors rushing in as George’s life is clearly in danger. Then Mary emerges from the room – neither Jude nor Angie had any idea she was still at the hospital."

SL: As Mary is ushered out, what are Angie’s first thoughts?

VE:”‘Get away from my child!’ She has a lioness approach to it – primitive and very visceral. She is so angry. Something Mary is doing is hurting her baby and even in hospital he is not safe from her.”

SL: What do Jude and Angie decide to do?

VE: “Whatever is wrong with George, Mary is undoubtedly the cause. Angie wants to eliminate her mother-in-law from her baby’s life. Whether this means Angie finally persuades Jude to go back to South Africa, you’ll have to wait and see.”

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