Robert is arrested in Corrie!

Nick is hell-bent on destroying Robert – and when the police catch up with his Corrie rival, it looks like mission accomplished

After Tracy's scheming cost him his business, Nick's life started to spiral downwards. But he's recovered his fighting spirit recently and wants revenge on Robert, who now holds the reins at the bistro. Sure enough, it's not long before Robert is having his collar felt by the police – and Nick is looking rather smug. But fed up Leanne just wants to see an end to the bitter feud...


A tipsy Robert is taken aback when the police turn up and arrest him for drunk driving

Earlier, Nick revels in telling Robert that he plans to open a restaurant right next door to the bistro

Leanne is appalled when Nick makes it clear to his rival that he is determined to put him out of business

Later, when the police arrest Robert, Nick looks on with barely disguised glee

Not long after, though, Nick is persuaded by Leanne to seek a truce



The rivals finally agree to split the bistro 50-50 – but only if Leanne agrees to be their manager. Will she agree? Watch the feud unfold on Corrie on ITV from Monday, August 8