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Troubled Jason leaves Coronation Street!

Convinced Callum's mates are out to get him, fed up Jason heads off to Thailand

It's Jason's birthday; but the builder has no time to celebrate as he knows someone's out to get him. He's been tipped off that Callum's mates think Jason's late dad Tony killed Callum – and they want revenge.

Sly Phelan thinks Jason needs to get away until the heat dies down; well he would, wouldn't he? He has his eyes on Tony's money. But Jason's persuaded, and packs his teeshirts and sunnies ready to fly off to Thailand. Taxi for Mr Grimshaw!


There are emotional scenes as Jason bids farewell to Weatherfield, and Todd is among the locals saying goodbye

Earlier, Jason is appalled when he and Phelan head to the yard and find their van on fire!

Knowing he's being targeted for revenge, Jason senses foul play. But does Phelan know more about the blaze than he's letting on?

As Gemma emerges from the kebab shop, Jason wastes no time in confronting her

The builder demands to know which of Callum's dodgy mates is responsible for his burnt-out van. But Gemma denies knowing anything about it

As Eileen and her son's friends gather ready to celebrate Jason's birthday, he drops a bombshell!

Everyone is left stunned as Jason announces that he's quitting Weatherfield, leaving the business in the hands of Phelan

There's barely time for everyone to come to terms with Jason's departure before he's ready to head off to Thailand

Todd is among those saying his farewells

While Eileen struggles to hold back tears, Phelan allows himself a smug smile

With Jason out of the way, can anyone prevent Phelan from getting his grubby hands on Tony's money? Watch the drama unfold on Corrie from Monday 27 June