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'We might soon see a new love interest for Al' teases Doctors star Ian Midlane (VIDEO)

(Image credit: BBC/Craig Holmes)

Dr Al Haskey often saves lives in Letherbridge. Too bad he can't use his medical skills to rescue his disastrous love life!

Remember when Al fell for his colleague, Jas, and was then accused of stalking her? And more recently, he took a fancy to surgery newcomer, Niamh. But that romance went horribly wrong too!

"Al is unlucky in love," smiles Ian Midlane, who has played Al since 2012. "But I think that's partly to do with him not being a proper grown-up. He found love for a little while with Niamh. Then it all fell apart and I don't think they were quite mature to work through it. But in the next few months we might see a new love interest come in for Al. I'm sure Niamh will move on but there'll always be a little bit of love between them."

The Doctors star also chats to us about getting the chance to work with one of his childhood heroes on a recent episode of the daytime drama, whether he could be a GP for real and how he got a holiday upgrade because of his role as Al. Watch the full interview, above...

* Doctors is currently taking a short break. It returns to BBC1 on Monday July 20 at 1:45pm.