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10 Years Ago This Week in the Soaps: 22 October

corrie, david platt

Remind yourself of all the soap drama that was happening in EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks this week 10 years ago!


Corrie saw devious David Platt managed to charm long-time crush Maria Sutherland into a date over a pizza. But then he found out she was having an affair with love rat builder Charlie Stubbs. Maria tried to let David down gently, but he became livid and set about Charlie’s work van. And Charlie wasn’t pleased...

Frankie Baldwin, meanwhile, was trying to convince herself that she could ignore her feelings for stepson Jamie Baldwin.


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Honey and Billy Mitchell continued to struggle with Down’s syndrome daughter Petal, as Janet was then called. And, despite concern from various locals, it was Peggy Mitchell who caught the rough end of Billy’s tongue and his temper.

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Pat Evans continued to grow concerned about the evil influence Sean Slater was beginning to have over vulnerable Ruby Allen… and she told Sean she was watching him!

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Meanwhile, Patrick Trueman came to blows with old pal Aubrey when he made a move on Yolande.


(Image credit: Photographer: Helen Turton)

A distraught Emily Dingle tried to drown herself after Andy Sugden banished her from the life of his daughter, Sarah. Fortunately for Emily, Sam Dingle was poaching nearby and he jumped in to save her!

(Image credit: Photographer: Helen Turton)

Bob Hope and his pregnant wife, Viv, meanwhile, had another pregnancy scare as they awaited for the birth of their twins.


Troubled teacher and pupil lover Becca Dean said a sad goodbye to Hollyoaks. Before she left, though, she gave one-time lover Justin Burton a piece of her mind… and also suggested the baby she was carrying belonged to him.

The mighty McQueens, meanwhile, banded together to sort out dodgy Davey, a man they owed money to, who suggested a form of payment that his ex-girlfriend, Jacqui McQueen, was less than enthusiastic about.