10 Years Ago This Week in the Soaps: 3 September

Remind yourself of all the drama that was happening in EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks this week 10 years ago. Doesn't time fly!

We take a walk down soap memory lane to see what was happening in Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks a decade ago this week…


Michelle Connor overheard Steve McDonald describe her as an 'ageing femme fatal with a kid in tow' (pictured above). Oops!

Elsewhere, Claire Peacock was suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of her and Ashley’s son, Freddie, and her manic behaviour stepped up a gear this week. Telling Ashley she was going to visit her 'sick mother', she dumped Freddie on Hayley Cropper, then headed off to feed coins into slot machines at an amusement arcade. When Claire got back she spotted a mark on the baby's arm and accused Hayley of harming Freddie and gave her a slap (pictured above)!


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Peggy Mitchell organised a surprise wedding for Honey and Billy. But it was a surprise in more ways than one when Honey went into labour halfway through the ceremony (pictured above). Honey's dad, Jack Edwards, raced Honey to hospital and, after a tricky labour, Honey and Billy celebrated the birth of their daughter Janet (pictured below).

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Later, though, Billy and Honey got the worrying news that Janet had Down's Syndrome and Honey admitted she didn't know if they were strong enough to cope


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Sadie King and Cain Dingle broke into the Kings' safe and plotted to kidnap one of the family after finding out just how much they were worth (pictured above). Sadie was later furious to catch Cain and Toni Daggert getting up close and personal in the disused house they were planning on using for the kidnapping (pictured below).

(Image credit: Photographer: Neil Sherwood)

Del Dingle, meanwhile, accused Toni of trying to steal Paddy and, in the fight that followed, Toni got hot fat spilt on her. Del was arrested for her part in the injury that put Toni in hospital.


Five regular characters died when rapist Sam Owen set fire to The Dog in one of soap's biggest disasters. It was karaoke night and the pub was packed when Sam turned up and torched the place after taking Nicole hostage (pictured above). Sam, Mel and Sophie Burton, Joe Spencer and Olivia Johnson all perished in the terrifying blaze. Darren Osborne - who's still in the soap - was among those battling with the flames as The Dog went up in smoke.