60 seconds with... EastEnders' Luisa Bradshaw-White

(Image credit: PA Wire/PA Images)

EastEnders' Luisa Bradshaw-White talks about her passion for running, her charity work and celebrating two years on the BBC1 soap…

Congratulations Luisa on completing the NSPCC Color Run the other week!

"Thanks. I finished it! It was on a really, really hot day and past every kilometre marker, people would throw different coloured powder up into the air so we were running through these big clouds of pink, purple, yellow or whatever. At the end, we were given a pack of colour – about 19,000 of us in all. We counted to three, jumped up and threw the colour into the air. It was amazing – and so are the pictures."

How did you become involved?

"I usually look to help a different charity every year. Sometimes they contact me, but I approached the NSPCC. I feel that every child deserves to have a good and happy childhood. I have two adopted children myself and know how important the NSPCC’s Child Play therapy is. It encourages kids to open up in their own time. I’ll definitely be working with the NSPCC again. They do such brilliant work."

How far was the run?

"Only 5km. I really enjoy running. I go out with my dog and call it a walk run. If I call it that, it means it doesn’t matter if I walk some of it – although I usualIy do run most of it." 

Can you imagine your EastEnders character Tina Carter ever doing anything like it?

"I think she’d love it! She’s very colourful and a bit bonkers, and she’d love wearing crazy headgear and a tutu."

Are you still enjoying EastEnders?

"I’ll have been there for two years in December and I love it, love it, love it more than ever. I especially love my Carter family – everyone is really chilled and we have such a laugh."

What would you like to see happen to Tina?

"Well, obviously you want your character to be happy… but not for too long because it gets a bit boring!"