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EastEnders' Lindsey: 'I'm doing a lot of kissing – and I love it'

EastEnders actress Lindsey Coulson has revealed she is enjoying her latest storyline because she gets lots of kissing scenes.

The 53-year-old's character Carol Jackson is in the middle of a love triangle between former partner David Wicks (Michael French) and new boyfriend Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) in EastEnders.

"They're quite saucy scenes. I'm doing a lot of kissing," she told the Radio Times.

Lindsey joked she's happy to have more takes, adding: "And I've worked out that if I say, 'I'm sorry I didn't quite get that', then I get to do it again and again!"

David, who has returned to Albert Square, will confess his undying love for his former flame in scenes to be shown on September 27.

The actress reckoned the charming ladies' man, the father of her eldest daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer), is still Carol's true love.

"As a grown-up woman, her head should be with Masood. He's a kind and gentle man who feels good about himself," she said.

"But her heart is probably with David. He's her first love, they have a child together and I just don't think Carol has ever quite grown up. As mature as I'd like her to be, she's still a reactionary."

Lindsey added: "It's really difficult to play, but hey, at 53 it's really not too bad to be playing with two attractive men. Plus Carol gets to be something other than a grandma. At the moment, she's not a nanny or a mother. She's just Carol being her own self. That's really lovely."