Enders’ Charlie Cotton does a runner with baby Matthew… But where’s Ronnie?

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

No! Are EastEnders writers going to make Ronnie (Sam Womack) lose another baby? It certainly looks that way… And she’s definitely losing husband Charlie.

Charlie Cotton’s final scenes are currently being filmed and cameras caught the Enders’ drama at a train station, with Charlie carrying Matthew, and Roxy (Rita Simons) dragging a massive pink suitcase.

So, is this how Declan Bennett’s character will be written out after 18 months on the Square, playing nasty Nick’s good/bad son?

EastEnders and Declan confirmed his exit from the soap recently, with Declan tweeting: “Sayonara Eastenders. It’s been a right ride. Much love to all of u for the well wishes. See you on the flip side.”

But no one at Enders is giving anything else away.

Here’s what we know, though… Vincent (Richard Blackwood) wants Ronnie, no matter what he tells Kim (Tameka Empson). Charlie has tried to want Ronnie, but he had that fling with Roxy - when Ronnie was in a coma - and we think that, mixed with Vincent’s menacing presence, will make Charlie decide to leave.

We think Ronnie and Vincent are going to get mixed up in something very dangerous - and Charlie will run with Matthew to protect his son and himself.

There’s no sign of Roxy’s daughter, Amy, and we don’t think Roxy would leave her behind, so we don’t think Roxy goes with him. She might even be trying to talk Charlie out of leaving.

But Charlie definitely goes, as viewers will see in September.

That means Ronnie’s in for some more heartbreak… Unless her dangerous liaison with Vincent means she won’t live to grieve the loss of another child.

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, July 27, 8.00pm.