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Is EastEnders' Billy Mitchell about to rekindle romance with Honey?

Life's never been particularly easy for Billy Mitchell, but after many ups – and a lot more downs – is he about to find happiness once more in the shape of his ex, Honey?

The couple's marriage fell apart in 2008 but it seems a reunion could be looming now Honey is back permanently in Albert Square.

Honey, played by Emma Barton, briefly returned last year before she jetted off to Canada with son William and left Billy (Perry Fenwick) back in Walford with their daughter Janet, who was born with Down’s Syndrome.

EastEnders' Billy and Honey Mitchell (Perry Fenwick and Emma Barton)

(Jack Barnes/BBC)


After making a surprise return, it looks like the sparks between them might not be burnt out – if Billy can prove he’s reformed his ways. 

The couple have suffered through a long history of Billy’s criminal behaviour and his seeming inability not to stop lying to his wife.

Last time we saw them, however, Billy burnt his daughter’s passport and was threatening to do whatever he could to stop Honey leaving the country with his children. CAn any relationship really survive after all that?

EastEnders' Billy and Honey Mitchell (Perry Fenwick and Emma Barton)

(Jack Barnes/BBC)


We'll soon see, as now Honey and William are back in Albert Square, Billy is forced to explain his actions and convince her that he’s a changed man.

Honey agrees to stay at Billy’s on his sofa during her visit and Billy quickly decides to come clean about his feelings for her.

Soon Honey finds herself inviting him into her makeshift bed and sharing a kiss. But after all the troubles in their marriage, can Honey and Billy ever be one happy family again?

The next episode of EastEnders airs on Monday, BBC1, 8pm 

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