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Means, motive, opportunity: Who killed Lucy Beale? (VIDEO)

It's been 10 months coming, but this Thursday EastEnders promises to finally reveal who killed Lucy Beale last Easter.

The beautiful, sexually voracious young businesswoman was found dead on Walford Common, apparently the victim of a mugging, but police soon decided the killer knew Lucy and was most likely a local.

The initial suspect was Lauren Branning's ex, alcoholic Jake Stone, but despite being charged and held on bail, new evidence cleared him of the murder.

That set in motion a chain of suspects being interviewed by police, while others like Max Branning and Jay Brown have made themselves suspects by destroying evidence and general shifty behaviour.

Who actually did it? All will be revealed on Thursday night during either the hour-long episode at 7.30pm on BBC1, or the flashback episode featuring the return of Hetti Bywater (Lucy Beale) at 9.30pm.

Meanwhile, watch our soap scoop preview of this week's EastEnders, above.