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Shane Richie talks Redwater: ‘Alfie comes to terms with the fact he may die’ (VIDEO)

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EastEnders stars Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie hint that Kat and Alfie’s next chapter in Redwater is potentially deadly!

EastEnders favourites Kat and Alfie Moon have ditched Walford for Waterford, but drama follows them across the Irish Sea!

Kat and Alfie Moon left EastEnders in a blaze of shocking cliffhangers in 2016. Before they exited Albert Square, Alfie was told he had a brain tumour, while Kat discovered she’d given birth to a twin baby boy at the same time she’d had her daughter Zoe as a teenager.

Now Kat and Alfie’s story continues in a new six-part drama Kat and Alfie: Redwater, which sees Kat searching for her secret son, who’s been adopted by someone in Irish fishing village, Redwater. Meanwhile, Alfie’s privately concerned about his health when he begins experiencing horrible hallucinations.

In a recent interview with What’s on TV, stars Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie reveal the EastEnders couple are plagued by tragedy and trauma in their new adventure.

“We know from EastEnders that Alfie has a brain tumour and throughout Redwater we will see his spiral down, and how he comes to term with the fact that he may die,” revealed Shane. “It is beautifully written and it was lovely to play and I hope the audience tune in and feel Alfie’s pain and see how he tries to turn his life around before he actually says goodbye.”

Although the duo are keeping quiet on whether Redwater may spell the end for Alfie, one thing they’re both agreed on is that the iconic soap couple have never been stronger.

“I think Kat and Alfie; this is the closest they have been,” said Jessie.

Shane added: “Kat and Alfie have been through so much whether it has been infidelity, rape, murder, baby swap, baby death, cot death …  … We’ve kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that Kat and Alfie are going to be together until the day they die. And there is something reassuring about that.”

“What Redwater does is it says to the audience ‘okay these two are together forever but wait until you see what happens now!’” teased Shane.

“Behind every closed door there is something dark is going on!” added Jessie.

Watch Kat and Alfie: Redwater on BBC1 at 8pm from Thursday, May 18, to discover if the East End stalwarts survive their Irish adventure…

Interview by Nick Cannon