Tanya's about to meet the REAL Sean Slater

Tanya's about to meet the REAL Sean Slater
Tanya's about to meet the REAL Sean Slater (Image credit: BBC)

When Tanya dumps him, EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky promises Sean's going to be as bad as bad can be! When they deal to Max, does Sean really believe they will be Sean-and-Tanya proper?

"When Tanya tells him not to call her he doesn't quite get it. He doesn't really believe it's over until Tanya tells him she was using him all along. It's a shock as Sean is the one who uses women and dumps them without a care. Nobody's done it to him before and nobody's got to him like Tanya has. He's been played but to Sean that's just not possible. He's really confused." Could it be under that snarling, moody exterior he has got a heart... and it's broken?

"I don't believe he loves Tanya, I think he's obsessed with her which is a different thing entirely. I think that unconsciously he wants to pay homage to his dad Brian by being the father that he was. And stepping into Max's shoes and taking over his family would have helped him to do that. It's all to do with the guilt he felt over killing his father which is silly really. He didn't stick a knife in him or anything. He hit him and the next day he died of an aneurism. But as a 16-year-old boy Sean blamed it on himself." As a love-sick adult though he admitted it to Tanya. Now she threatens to tell Stacey he killed their father...

"Stacey is the one person who really matters to Sean. He thinks that he'll lose her if she finds out how their dad died. He couldn't bear that and realises Tanya is calling the shots. There is a huge well of bitterness in him because of that." And a huge need to get some kind of revenge... maybe through her kids?

"I don't think he would ever hurt the kids. He loves them. He still has feelings for Tanya too, but I think that if she were to step in front of him while he was driving, he wouldn't put his foot on the brake!" Instead he finds comfort with Roxy. How does that come about?

"Sean goes for Roxy because she is there as easy sex. But actually they are great together and I reckon you'll see some of the best on-screen chemistry in soap between them." But not for long, reveals Rob...

"I've only got six weeks of filming left as I'm leaving. I felt that once we learned why Sean was the way he is - his dad's death - there was nowhere else to go. But the stuff I am doing now is fantastic and I can promise Sean is going to go out in a blaze of sex and fighting."

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