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Which EastEnder will try to torch the Queen Vic?

Just two days after a real-life blaze broke out in Albert Square, viewers will see Matt Di Angelo’s character Dean Wicks try to burn down the Queen Vic tonight.

The confrontation takes place when Dean returns to Walford with revenge in mind and a can of petrol in his hand.

Dean Wicks plans to set fire to the pub (BBC)

Dean Wicks plans to set fire to the pub (BBC)

He ends up in the pub’s barrel store with Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) as a hostage and her father Mick (Danny Dyer) desperate to stop him.

Firefighters were called out to EastEnders' set for real on Tuesday after a fire was started in one of the buildings.

Viewers watching tonight should discover who murdered Lucy Beale in an end to the show’s long-running whodunnit, while the soap’s 30th anniversary week ends on Friday with a special live episode.