Whitney gets a surprise at her baby scan in EastEnders

Whitney's baby scan is an eye-opener for her and Lee in more ways than one...

Whitney Dean's had a tough time of it lately, having fallen pregnant with fiancé Lee Carter's baby, then finding out he'd had a one-night stand with Abi Branning, not to mention getting chlamydia from him, too!

Amazingly, she decided to give Lee a second chance, but secretly he's not sure he'll make a good father when the baby's born, and Whitney's struggling to cope with his mum, Linda, too.

This week, however, there's a chance for the young couple to bond over the baby when Whitney goes for her first scan and Lee goes with her as he tries to put his doubts and fears behind him.

There are surprises in store at the hospital, though, and for Linda, too...

Whitney and Lee are both nervous as the scan nurse gives them the first glimpse of their baby

They're delighted and relieved in equal measure when the scan shows that everything is fine with the baby

On their way out of the scanning clinic, both Whitney and Lee are surprised to see sisters Kim and Denise in the waiting room

Denise has been keeping her own pregnancy a closely guarded secret, but the penny soon drops for Whitney

Back in the Square, Linda wants to do something nice for the baby and asks Dot to help her knit something. But will Linda's good intentions be appreciated by Whitney? Watch EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, 12 September.