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Is Whitney pregnant in EastEnders?

Abi confesses to Lauren that she slept with Lee in EastEnders… then Whitney reveals she could be pregnant!

Back in February on EastEnders, a drunk Abi Branning had sex with Lee Carter in an attempt to get pregnant to stand up the lie she told boyfriend Ben Mitchell that she was carrying his baby. She was desperate to stop Ben from dumping her for his gay lover, Paul Coker.

In the end, Ben learnt the truth, dumped Abi and got together with Paul. Her one-night stand with Lee may not hold much significance for Abi any longer, but if the truth comes out, it certainly would for Lee, who's still with Whitney Dean, the girl he cheated on when he got passionate with Abi.

This week, the possibility of that happening comes a step closer when Abi reveals her brief fling with Lee to her sister, Lauren. She's torn over whether to keep Abi's secret, but when Whitney wonders if she could be pregnant by boyfriend Lee, things get a whole lot more complicated…


Whitney's faced with a big decision when she wonders if she could be pregnant…

Earlier, Lauren goes to The Vic to rally her friends, Whitney, Johnny Carter and her sister, Abi, for a night out.

Abi innocently shares a laugh with Whitney as they get ready for the night ahead.

It looks like it's going to be a fun night as the friends decide they're going to The Albert.

When the evening doesn't go as well as expected, Whitney takes a drunk Lee home and secretly contemplates opening a pregnancy test.

The next morning, Lauren asks Abi if her drunken confession was true. Abi confirms it was and begs her sister to keep her secret.

After talking to Steven Beale about what she should do, Lauren goes to see Abi, but she's interrupted by Whitney.

Whitney has a secret to share… and Lauren's shocked when she tells her she thinks she could be pregnant.

Whitney wonders if Lee's ready to become a father and Lauren's torn over what to do for the best.

Will Lauren persuade Abi to tell Whitney about her one-night stand with Lee? Watch EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, 4 July.