Belle is sectioned in Emmerdale

With Belle in such a mentally-fragile state, she needs help… and fast!

As Belle Dingle's condition worsens and she's tormented by the voices in her head, Bailey tells her worried parents he thinks she's suffering from schizophrenia.

Zack and Lisa are beside themselves when the psychiatrist treating Belle tells them she needs to be sectioned.

But there's worse news to come when they're told their daughter needs to be moved hundreds of miles away to a psychiatric unit in Surrey!

When Lisa finds out Belle could have private treatment much closer to home, she desperately tries to raise the cash. Will her efforts work? And what lengths will she go to, to keep her beloved girl close to home?

Belle cowers in her hospital bed, tormented by the voices in her head. Can anyone help her?

Lisa and Zak are beside themselves to learn their daughter could be suffering from schizophrenia

When they're told that Belle needs specialist help and will have to be moved to Surrey, the couple are in bits. How can they keep her nearer Emmerdale?

Lisa is determined that if there are no available places near them for Belle, then the only way forward is to go private.

She's adamant they will all have to pull together to raise the cash, but Zak and Joanie worry that she's deluding herself.

The cost of Belle's treatment will be £5,000 a week if they go private. How on earth are they going to get that sort of money?

Lisa begs the Sharma's for a loan but when they refuse, Charity offers to pull off a robbery! Belle's friend Lachlan wants to help and suggests to Lisa that she comes and sees his loaded mum Chrissie. But the meeting doesn't go to plan and a furious Lisa lashes out at cold-fish Chrissie.

When LIsa spots Chrissie's convertible parked in the drive she suddenly has a plan. What's desperate Lisa going to do to get her hands on some instant cash? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday 12 September.